Studio Visit

  On Monday the 24th, I had a studio visit from the Modern Painter Society.  They're a great group of people, very enthusiastic about making art and eager to learn.  We mostly went over various aspects of my technique, well one of them anyway (the thickly layered pieces made primarily with palette knives).

  Many questions pertained to details of my use of aluminum as a painting surface.  Often I hear that people would imagine that it would be a problematic surface to paint on yet there is no difficulty at all when using oils in thick layers.  Doing so with acrylic may cause cracks or flaking.  Thinly applied oils may also crack, so do some tests first if you want to try it out (or put more paint on that brush).  They also took an "informal tour" of my work space, where I answered their questions about supplies and tools.  The most important point made was to never buy anything at an art store that you can get anywhere else, because they charge far more for the exact same product. . . . .sorry art supply stores, we can't afford to spend more than we need to.

Thanks Christiana Malacara for setting this up, I hope that I was at least a little helpful.  You're all welcome back anytime!

New Work is up in the Gallery and on the Website!

I managed to get everything in order before this month's art hop and also got  a healthier amount of sleep.  I also had a meeting yesterday with Sister Betsy Meagher of the Transformation Spirituality Center.  She's rather excited to have my work going up in their gallery, and so am I.  She gave me a brief tour and it's quite a building they have there.

  Hope to see both of my readers at the art hop tomorrow, haha.

Thank you Kalamazoo !

Last night's Art Hop was an all around wonderful experience!

Art Hop 1.jpg

  Though I have been told repeatedly that it was not a very large one I had quite regular traffic through my gallery.  Most everyone was very complimentary, the only criticisms I received were from other artists in the building who thought (quite rightly) that my prices are too low.

Sold this piece, called "Sweet Lucy", commissioned earlier in the year.

Sold this piece, called "Sweet Lucy", commissioned earlier in the year.

  I made two sales, and earned enough to cover this month's rent plus a bit more.  Several people expressed interest in custom work, many were intrigued by next months show.  I was invited to enter a juried exhibition as well as to have a show at a local gallery.  Additionally, I was asked to give a talk to the Modern Painter Society.

Sold !  "On Earth as it is in Heaven",  copyright 2014, 23.5 " x 17", Oil on Panel, $250.

Sold !  "On Earth as it is in Heaven",  copyright 2014, 23.5 " x 17", Oil on Panel, $250.

  Also my interview on NPR aired and went quite well.  You can hear it at

  I'd also like to thank Zach McCallum and Dennis Dahl for building the exquisitely crafted frames which house my three largest works in this show.  As well as John Thingstad for the use of the space in his remarkable building.  I am also grateful to everyone else who offered me support in my endeavors, my appreciation knows no bounds !

The Grand Opening is Nigh Upon Us!

Hey everyone, my show is opening in two more days.  This is to be the first Art Hop that I've participated in, and I'm terribly excited!  Nearly everything is prepped and ready to go.  I've just finished polishing up my websites, which are now live and ready to do business.  It looks like I might just get a full night's sleep tomorrow, too late for tonight.  Well I hope to see all of you at the show on Friday in Suite 207 of the Park Trades Center (326 W. Kalamazoo Ave), my doors will open at 5 pm and will stay as such until at least 9 pm.  If you can't make it then please at least check out the work that is up on this site and check back each month for new work.  If you have an idea for a piece that you would like to have made, or a mural, let me know and we'll figure out how to make it happen!

Thanks again everyone!

Interview with Erin Williams from WMUK, the local NPR affiliate

  Earlier today I was interviewed in my studio by Erin Williams of WMUK, the local NPR affiliate.  She was very friendly, professional and was rather enthusiastic about my work.  I'm still a bit dazed by the experience.  I'm humble to the point of delusion and it just blows me away to be noticed in such a way.  I won't hear the edited interview until everyone else does and I'm curious if it comes across that I'm very uncomfortable talking about myself.  That's a real challenge in this line of work and I'm determined to get over it.  This experience has been vastly helpful in that endeavor.

  When the information becomes available I'll post where the interview can be heard online as well as a link to the written account.

  I'm so grateful for the recognition!

**Update**  You can hear or read this interview at

New Studio

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my site !

  I've recently moved my studio into Suite 207 of the Park Trades Center in Kalamazoo, MI and I'm absolutely loving the space !  We're eighteen days away from my first "Art-hop" for which I will be displaying sixteen original oil paintings from my series of homes of the Midwest.

  I plan to have a new show up, in my studio, for each subsequent art-hop, which occur the first Friday of each month.  That means I'll have new work on display, with a distinct theme, each and every month for the next few months.  I have plenty of work already completed to do this, though I will have to slow down after a while so that I can generate new work, as well as have time to work on commissioned art projects.


  This is all terribly exciting for me and I really appreciate your interest !