Interview with Erin Williams from WMUK, the local NPR affiliate

  Earlier today I was interviewed in my studio by Erin Williams of WMUK, the local NPR affiliate.  She was very friendly, professional and was rather enthusiastic about my work.  I'm still a bit dazed by the experience.  I'm humble to the point of delusion and it just blows me away to be noticed in such a way.  I won't hear the edited interview until everyone else does and I'm curious if it comes across that I'm very uncomfortable talking about myself.  That's a real challenge in this line of work and I'm determined to get over it.  This experience has been vastly helpful in that endeavor.

  When the information becomes available I'll post where the interview can be heard online as well as a link to the written account.

  I'm so grateful for the recognition!

**Update**  You can hear or read this interview at