The Grand Opening is Nigh Upon Us!

Hey everyone, my show is opening in two more days.  This is to be the first Art Hop that I've participated in, and I'm terribly excited!  Nearly everything is prepped and ready to go.  I've just finished polishing up my websites, which are now live and ready to do business.  It looks like I might just get a full night's sleep tomorrow, too late for tonight.  Well I hope to see all of you at the show on Friday in Suite 207 of the Park Trades Center (326 W. Kalamazoo Ave), my doors will open at 5 pm and will stay as such until at least 9 pm.  If you can't make it then please at least check out the work that is up on this site and check back each month for new work.  If you have an idea for a piece that you would like to have made, or a mural, let me know and we'll figure out how to make it happen!

Thanks again everyone!