Studio Visit

  On Monday the 24th, I had a studio visit from the Modern Painter Society.  They're a great group of people, very enthusiastic about making art and eager to learn.  We mostly went over various aspects of my technique, well one of them anyway (the thickly layered pieces made primarily with palette knives).

  Many questions pertained to details of my use of aluminum as a painting surface.  Often I hear that people would imagine that it would be a problematic surface to paint on yet there is no difficulty at all when using oils in thick layers.  Doing so with acrylic may cause cracks or flaking.  Thinly applied oils may also crack, so do some tests first if you want to try it out (or put more paint on that brush).  They also took an "informal tour" of my work space, where I answered their questions about supplies and tools.  The most important point made was to never buy anything at an art store that you can get anywhere else, because they charge far more for the exact same product. . . . .sorry art supply stores, we can't afford to spend more than we need to.

Thanks Christiana Malacara for setting this up, I hope that I was at least a little helpful.  You're all welcome back anytime!