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About Me

  Justin David Gustafson is often struck by the beauty he experiences all around us.  The goal of his work is to bring that beauty to the attention of others by accentuating it in his paintings. 

  His purpose in life is to connect to others through his artwork and the emotions that it inspires in them.  Nothing gives him greater joy than the thought that his creations can move people emotionally.

  It is his hope to reach out ever further through the expansion of his portfolio.  In so doing, allowing himself to physically reach out further by traveling himself to distant lands and meeting new and different people.

  He has been making things for as long as he can remember.  His earliest memory is drawing with crayons and being frustrated at struggling to get things exactly as he wanted them.  That frustration has given way to unbridled satisfaction, though his standards have actually become more strict over time.

  Justin studied at Kendall College of Art and Design, made possible through the aide of various scholarships, graduating with academic honors in 2002.  Then he traveled the country, developing his distinctive painting style, for many years before returning to his beloved Michigan to plant his roots.

  His style is intended to be simultaneously evocative and contemplative.  With it's heightened color and almost violent texture, existing alongside flowing composition and balanced color schemes.  This makes for what Justin refers to as a "sweet and salty experience".


In the Paint

  You can view his work in person at

Somebody's Gallery

302 East Lake Street, Petoskey, Michigan

  As well as at the

Ludington Area Center for the Arts

107 South Harrison Street, Ludington, Michigan

Where he holds a seat on the board of directors.




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